8 Travel Bloggers Reveal Their Favourite Places in Australia

8 Travel Bloggers Reveal Their Favourite Places in Australia

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  1. Alissa Teijeiro

    All these destinations look gorgeous, especially the Blue Mountains Park! There are no mountains where I live so I love to do hikes when I travel 🙂

  2. Gustobeats

    I missed this one!!! Australia is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited, and I always want to go back again! Just love you guys’ lifestyle, so much energy and chilled-attitude!!!

  3. Sumit Sharma

    Haven’t been to Australia, would love to explore after reading your blog post.

  4. Tina Krey

    Never been to Australia, but it’s definitely on my list. These paces all look amazing!! Saving this for my planning 🙂

  5. I so wish that I’d gotten to Rotto when I lived in Perth! It was just so expensive that I couldn’t justify it, then my time ended too soon! Great post with some beautiful places across Australia

    1. Travelling Tam

      Ah fair enough! Another time hopefully. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Margarida Vasconcelos

    I have never been to Australia but would love to. Thanks for sharing this.

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