The Most Expensive Countries in the World To Travel – Ranked
Photo by Seth kane on Unsplash

The Most Expensive Countries in the World To Travel – Ranked

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  1. lana

    Very interesting read! As a British person I am shocked to see that the UK was voted more than Italy (especially with Venice!)! I completely agree with Singapore!

    1. Travelling Tam

      I know, i’m also a Brit and it put things into perspective!

  2. Wellness Travel Diaries

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Switzerland. It’s a beautiful destination that I absolutely loved!! While it’s pricey, now I know how much to save for my next trip. 🙂

    1. Travelling Tam

      Exactly, I think a list like this is useful to help manage peoples expectations 🙂

  3. Amy Aed

    I was actually just thinking about going to Sweden because I think that the prices are going to be lower now during Covid at any other time! It looks like a really beautiful place and I want to go so badly.

    1. Travelling Tam

      Well maybe now is the time to go 🙂 You probably will find some good deals on accommodation etc.

  4. Zi @craving.adventure

    This list really isn’t what I was expecting! 1-7 yes, I’d expect them in the top but Buthan really surprised me. And so did Italy … but guess it really depends on where in Italy you go – Venice is excruciatingly expensive and they have this funny thing of charging you extra for service at the table (which you don’t have to pay for if you order at the bar) and then they charge you for ‘cutlery’ on top of that. I’m also surprised New Zealand isn’t on the list

    1. Travelling Tam

      I know – I remember Italy charging for all sorts of random things when you went out for a meal. I wondered whether it was just a tourist thing? But yes, I thought New Zealand should have made the list too!

      1. Zi @craving.adventure

        Naah, not a touristy thing and pretty standard wherever you go in Italy. It’s a bit like the mandatory tips in the US… except in Italy they expect tips on top of all the extra charges lol

  5. Josy A

    Interesting about Bhutan. I had no idea that would have been one of the pricey places.

    Being from the UK, I never found Japan that expensive. I think it *can* be pricey if you don’t speak Japanese, but hotels and food are waaaay cheaper than the UK, so it’s actually pretty good value for tourists. If you speak Japanese (and book hotels through local websites) you have more choice, so it’s even cheaper…

    1. Travelling Tam

      Yes same, but it will add up quickly and I think it’s a great initiative. I’m hoping to go to Japan as soon as I can and I’m glad to hear you don’t think it’s too bad. The accommodation was what I was worried about the most to be honest x

  6. Rhonda Albom

    Surprised that New Zealand didn’t make the list, but not surprised to Switzerland, Iceland, Sweden, or Norway on the list.

    1. Travelling Tam

      One person said New Zealand but I tallied them up and only mentioned the ones with multiple. So not exactly scientific but I’d agree – I found New Zealand to be a lot more expensive than I had imagined. More so than Australia in fact!

  7. Lekha Chellani

    I love your pictures! I have heard how expensive Iceland can be.. Living in US for the past 4 years, I realized one can easily choose to survive/travel on a budget as you could end up spending on luxury. While the infrastructure makes driving easier, it’s a big country and domestic flights/trains can get expensive.

    1. Travelling Tam

      Yes I can imagine! The US is huge and so much to do, so travelling domestically must not be cheap! You have to learn budget ways!

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