The Australian Road Trip Essentials List

The Australian Road Trip Essentials List

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  1. Jason

    Some great items here for a good old Oz road trip!

  2. Katie

    I cant wait to road trip around Australia one day! The most epic journeys of them all!

  3. KAREE

    This is a fantastic list of things for a road trip! I don’t know that I’ll ever get to do a road trip in Australia, but this is great for just about any trip. Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

  4. Tess

    This is such an informative and extensive guide. There is always something you forget! We have been doing more local roadtrips with the borders closed and definitely agree that a good podcast or audiobook is an essential!

  5. Jamie Sharpe

    This is a great list to work off of . Australia is such a long flight for me, so I’ve been saving up for when I can spend serious time there. Hopefully next year!

  6. Emma

    Great ideas for many road trips. The bug netting for the window is genius. Never thought of that before. We don’t get as many bugs in Canada where I am but flies in the summer are a nuisance so this is a great one

  7. Suvarna Arora

    These are great tips. The bug netting is so important because we have so many flies here. Always love a good road trip.

  8. Krista

    I would love to go on a road trip in Australia at some point, so thanks for all of the helpful tips!

  9. Hannah

    This is such a handy list! I’ve never done a road trip before but since international travel is likely still off the cards for some time, I’m considering a UK road trip later this year. This list is going to come in super handy because we’d definitely forget most of these things! We’ve been caught out recently by the lack of a jump start kit and had to get some friends to come and rescue us with theirs! Thanks for the awesome guide!

  10. Sarah

    Great list. One of my biggest fears on any road trip is being caught without something essential. I have family in Perth and they’ve driven across the country where there is nothing for hundreds of miles – you’re going to want to be prepared!

  11. Jamie

    What a great list for road tripping in Australia. I’ve never done it before but I do imagine it would require different items than an average European ones; things like the toll tag, or rope and shovel, wouldn’t come to mind for me.. The “check your vehicle” list is pertinent to any road trip though!

  12. Rajkumar Gaikwad

    Informative blog guide for travelers. The tips and tricks shared in the blog are very essentials and must-read if you are going for a road trip.

  13. carrie

    Great reminder to bring something for hot drinks. I always forget that and then my coffee is cold after 15 minutes — not ideal when you have a several-hour drive ahead of you!

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