Give an Adventure: 10 Experience-Based Gift Ideas for Travellers

Give an Adventure: 10 Experience-Based Gift Ideas for Travellers

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  1. Kate

    Yes! I absolutely love this! Giving experiences as gifts is something I absolutely love – Airbnb + airline vouchers are such an amazing idea!

    1. Travelling Tam

      I know, I always choose experiences over gifts where ever possible! I think I’d cry with joy if someone gave me airline vouchers!

  2. emmy

    Oh, I absolutely ADORE all of these ideas! I may be completely biased about the photography idea too, being a photographer haha. I love all these ideas and think they are great gift options for those hard to buy for people, um, myself who rather have an experience!

    1. Tamara Thurman

      Hehe, I’m with you! Experience over physical gifts any day. I think a photoshoot is an awesome idea too!

  3. Shany

    Love this! I prefer experiences as gifts rather than a product. It’s memorable and unique way to show your appreciation to someone. Great guide!

  4. Josy A

    These are fantastic ideas!! I have to admit, all of my favourite gifts recently have been experiences rather than things. The best was a mushroom foraging tour. 🙂

    A hobby course is SUCH a fun sounding gift (although, I guess that could be super pricy…)

  5. Emma

    I am all about the experience gifts. Every year my boyfriend and I share experience gifts for upcoming trips, things to do in our hometown and online experiences. I love all your ideas and although we don’t have any trips planned, because…well 2020, this is great to keep in mind for the future and instead concentrate on things here. I never thought about the Airbnb experience gift though. That’s a good one

  6. Ally

    I love to be gifted an experience!

  7. Gloria

    These are such obvious gifts yet I’d never thought of half of them. Love the donate to charity one the most.

  8. Mayuri

    Experience based gifts are the best! Every year I make a donation to a charity of choice on our anniversary. Feels really great! Thanks for putting this post together!

  9. Michelle

    I love these suggestions so much. We started giving experiences several years ago and our family loves it! I have never heard of Tinggly box. I’m going to have to check them out 🙂

  10. Nidia

    These are amazing! I think I will send this to others just to gift me, they look so much fun, especially this mystery flight! Would love to be surprised like that 😀

  11. Sarah Arnstein

    OMG the mystery flight sounds SO FREAKING FUN!! Maybe that will be my gift to myself this year!

  12. Elena Peter

    I would like to say that this list of gifts is really useful for me, it gives me a clear idea of what I should give to my favorite person. I think a power bank can be a great option for my friend. I’m sure your post will help most people to select the right gift for their belongings.

  13. Ursula

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  14. Pauline Harris

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