How Men Can Be Better Allies to Solo Womxn Travellers

How Men Can Be Better Allies to Solo Womxn Travellers

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  1. Coni

    Your points are super accurate! I can’t tell you how many time men have questioned why I travel alone, as if I was gonna run to their arms to avoid “being lonely”. Understanding that women can be comfortable, and even thrive, on our own is key. Also with sharing info. I’m always asked where I’m staying, to which I reply with a general area, but guys tend to try to dig deeper. Get the message, people, if I wanted to give you details, you’d know them!

  2. Hannah

    This is such great and important advice! Especially about giving us space while we’re walking alone. It makes such a huge difference! Fortunately, I haven’t encountered too may issues when travelling, but I very rarely travel solo. But this advise is so relevant anywhere in the world, whether we’re at home or abroad. Thanks for sharing this important guidance. Let’s hope we can move forward in a world where women feel a little safer.

  3. gloria

    very poignant reflections and they really resonate. There are so many occasions when I have been in situations where I hoped the men around had said something

  4. Susanna

    This is such an important post! I hope it can reach as many men as possible. I would love them to start picking up on language cues, but so many times many of them just don’t seem to see it – I’ll never understand. I’ve been in situations where I could have had men be a better ally to me, and hope things improve in the future. – Thanks for creating this

  5. Keena

    I wish more men would read this or just have common sense . It really hurts to know women don’t feel safe traveling alone because of men and their actions . So far , I haven’t been in any situations but it’s also because I’m super cautious when I’m alone .

  6. Emma

    This might be the most important post I’ve read in a while. Thank you for writing this. I found myself nodding along with the whole thing. The part about not questioning us being alone is so true. I don’t know how many times I’ve been happily reading a book and someone tell me I look lonely. I just want to finish my book!!!

  7. Denise

    Lots of good insights in here! Now hopefully some men read it 🙂

  8. Jacqueline Le

    It’s happened a few times that I was in an unfriendly situation with a shady male character while traveling alone, and I was grateful that another man stepped in. Once I was followed in Turkey, so a shop owner intervened. Then there was the time a taxi driver was ripping me off by 2000% at 3 am, and luckily a passerby saw the interaction and stood up for me. There are good people everywhere, and I’m glad.

  9. Julia Williams

    What an incredible post and so important. Definitely stepping up when you see something is important and also giving women space, especially on fairly abandoned roads. You know you’re not scary or I’ll-willed, the other person does not. Great things to share!

  10. Cristina

    It’s great that you’ve written an article like this to raise awareness. I totally agree with giving space and accepting no as an answer. I’ve been in many uncomfortable situations because men were too persistent. And it wasn’t ok!

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