Awesome Tips For Solo Female Hiking

Awesome Tips For Solo Female Hiking

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  1. Paula Martinelli

    This is a great post and very inspiring, thanks for allowing me to participate. All great tips here, and I have to say that as a solo hiker I have learned a lot of great things here, and I should be adding to my future hiking. Thanks to all the amazing women here for sharing such valuable points, and let’s be safe and spread our wings to explore the Planet!

    1. Tamara

      Love your words Paula! Totally agree – even if you’re an avid solo hiker, there’s always still something you can learn. Here’s hoping that these tips give someone the confidence and inspiration to hike across the world. Thank you so much for contributing <3

  2. Tina

    Such a great list. I looove paper maps, and I don’t go anywhere without my kindle.

    1. Tamara

      A paper map is so wise isn’t it. And having only just been introduced to a kindle last month, I can safely say mine’s going everywhere with me too!

  3. Kelsey

    Such an awesome post! This would be such a eye-opening experience for some people and everyone should try it at least once! I think you’re right … sometimes we just need to go with our guts when traveling solo!!

    1. Tamara

      Exactly! Our gut feeling is so important. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Heather Markel

    Wow touts was such a great post and you’ve taught me about some great resources! I have a sort of GPS device which can emit a loud noise in case of danger but some of your GPS gadgets are new to me. Oh yes the paper maps are so important! I used to laugh about people carrying them and now I know better. You just can’t get the same detail or guarantee that your map “works” without one!

    1. Tamara

      I know – who knew in an age of such incredible technology a good old map would still be so important! That sounds like a really useful GPS device, I havent heard of one like that but I can imagine it would be useful in all sorts of emergency situations!

  5. Tayler

    I love these tips! With the proper planning solo hiking isn’t so scary. I absolutely love being in the mountains with my own thoughts. And the tip about wearing a good sports bra- I was like “yes- so true!”

    1. Tamara

      So true, and the more prepared you are the more confident you feel! Totally! Even just comfortable underwear full stop haha!

  6. Disha Smith

    What a great post! I’ve never been hiking solo, but this post inspires me to do that.

    1. Tamara

      I’m glad Disha 🙂

  7. Shelley

    GREAT post! I am a longtime solo traveler, but not a camper. I feel completely comfortable & prepared to camp solo after even just reading this post… from pitching the tent out of sight, to the Garmin InReach, to preparing for bad weather… you really cover it all.

  8. Krista

    This is a really great guide with some helpful tips, thanks for sharing!

  9. MacKenzie

    These truly are essential things to hiking alone! I still haven’t found a GPS device that’s right for me, so I’ll have to look into the ones mentioned here!

  10. Jasmine

    Such great tips! I especially love the one about pitching your tent out of sight and putting your camera on carabiners!

  11. This Blog provides a great sense of knowledge. This solo female hiking tip helps me a lot.

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